Board of Directors

Deborah Witt

Kevin D. Gunner

Brandon Dukes
Board Member

Gail Lansidel
Board Member

Richard Lansidel
Board Member

Karen Sebilian
Board Member

Polly Stacy
Board Member

Jeannine Welton
Board Member


The Alzheimer’s Foundation of Central California began providing no cost education, support and referral services in the local Central California area on July 1, 1999. Marie Espinola was hired by the non-profit Board of Directors and entrusted the duties of the Foundation to her at that time.

Marie Espinola has acted as Executive Director of the Foundation and conducted support meetings, educational seminars and private meetings with families for the past 21+ years. Marie has notified the Board of Directors of her retirement at the end of 2019.

It is with deep regret that the Board of Directors has voted to close the Foundation effective December 31, 2019.