“I came to one of Marie’s local meetings after dealing with my wife’s dementia for about a year.  I sat front and center, and learned so much that night that I have attended every Alzheimer’s meeting in Merced since then, as long as I knew Marie was going to be there.   She spoke so that we could all hear and understand every word.  She knew her subject so well.  I soon formed the habit of arriving early with a “little” list of personal questions that I could ask her before the meeting started.  She never said, “I don’t have time for that.”She even made time to come to our home to meet Alice, my wife, so she could help us better.

Marie told me that I would know when I could no longer take care of Alice at home and to just call her and she would be here.  She helped me choose a care facility for Alice when the time came that I could no longer take care of her at home.

The day that I knew I had to give up as Alice’s caregiver finally came, I phoned Marie and she came and helped me with the final sign-in for the place we had chosen.  Marie continued to be our trusted advisor until Alice passed away Nov, 19, 2009.  We would never have made it that long without Marie.”

William F. Elliott

“The Alzheimer's Foundation was a great source of counseling and support to our family during the time of our father's battle with Alzheimer's.  Dad was diagnosed with the disease in the late 90's.  At that time we became aware of seminars being put on by the Foundation, which led to counseling the family on resources available in Fresno for the care of Dad.  Our Mother and Father relocated to Fresno to take advantage of the wonderful resources here and were very grateful to the Foundation.

We have donated to the Alzheimer's Foundation stock account to help further the Foundations outreach to other families.”

Don and Jerry